Pay $650K to park? Boston space may break record

Boston parking spot asking for $650k
Boston parking spot asking for $650k

Parking spots are the new penthouses.

One of these coveted spaces in Boston's elite Beacon Hill neighborhood has come on the market for $650,000, according to The Bates Real Estate Report.

If it goes for the asking price, it is believed that it would be the most expensive parking spot ever sold in the city. It would also be more expensive than half of the condominiums on the market in Boston, according to the Bates report.

A parking spot in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood has come on the market for $650,000.
Brian Snyder | Reuters

The listing follows a string of record-breaking parking spot asking prices in major cities, as space becomes scarce and the urban rich want safe homes for their Ferraris and Bentleys.

In New York, at least two new developments — both in the SoHo neighborhood — are listing parking spots for $1 million or more. And several parking spot prices in San Francisco are running for well more than $100,000.

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The Boston listing describes the spot for sale, known as "Unit #236," as "A very rare opportunity to purchase garage parking in Beacon Hill at the coveted Brimmer Street Garage."

According to the Bates report, a different parking spot at the garage, known as space #126, sold in October for $390,000.

Of course, for $650,000 you could also buy two Ferraris, and just have your butler find street parking.