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Which of these off-beat cars is the best investment?

The Unexpected Investment: Which Car Has Doubled In Value in 5 Years?

When it comes to cars, the big names are often big names for a reason — namely, a wide recognition that these are high-quality vehicles.

That means it can be a little more difficult to gauge the investment value of a more a off-beat brand. Take these three cars, for example.

First, a 1957 Lancia Aurelia B24. This could be considered a sophisticated alternative to a Ferrari, and it was quite expensive at the time. But despite being highly collectible, it remains a relatively unknown car.

Next, a 1985 Bertone X1/9, which was supposed to be the successor to the popular Fiat 850 Spider. The Bertone is, quite simply, one of the most 80s cars that ever was. It's very boxy, and the resale numbers have been almost as flat as the dash panel.

Finally, consider the 1962 Daimler SP 250. This model was actually built for the American market, but it wasn't a big seller. Likely because it looks like it was built by a committee that couldn't decide on one particular style. In 1959, it was voted the ugliest car at the New York Auto Show.

Automotive valuation expert Donald Osborne hooked up with Jay Leno to asses these three off-beat cars, and determine which is the best investment.

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