Super yachts, high-end water toys on display in Florida

Climb aboard the Lady Lola super yacht
Climb aboard the Lady Lola super yacht

In the market for a super yacht? Then it may be time to take a trip down to Florida.

There will be $4 billion worth of floating real estate on display at the annual Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, which kicks off Thursday. About 1,500 boats and 100,000 people will gather in South Florida for the event, which is considered by many to be the Super Bowl of boat shows.

While some of the world's biggest and most expensive yachts will be on display, the sale isn't limited to high-end yachts. The show also features plenty of toys for the super rich to play with while they're out at sea, including a megayacht-friendly chopper and a luxury submarine.

Here are a few super-rich highlights from the show.

Lady Lola Yacht

Lady Lola Yacht
Source: Lady Lola Yacht

Price tag: $53 million

The only thing better than hitting a hole-in-one on the golf course is hitting one off your 200-foot megayacht.

Newspaper magnate, real estate developer and golf aficionado Duane Hagadone is selling his custom-built megayacht, which he said comes with plenty of "sizzle."

The most sizzling feature for golfers is an automatic tee system on the top deck. It's accompanied by floating holes that can be released into the water to create an 18-hole wet golf course.

A super yacht complete with a golf course
A super yacht complete with a golf course

Named after Hagadone's wife, the Lady Lola includes four guest rooms and an owner's suite that takes up an entire 3,000-square-foot deck. There's also a plunging pool, a grand piano and a soundproof office, for days you need to get some work done between rounds of golf.

The yacht's $300,000 custom-made mahogany tender — a smaller boat designed for water activities and shuttling the owner back and forth to shore — does double duty as a very expensive golf cart for crew members to retrieve floating golf balls.

This five-deck yacht is one of the most expensive boats at the show.

Bell 407GX Helicopter

Bell 407GX
Source: Bell Helicopter

Price tag: $3 million

Bell Helicopter offers a VIP design service that specializes in choppers custom-designed to land on your megayacht.

The 407GX, which Bell bills as a "limousine" in the sky, can be custom built to seat up to six passengers. It can also be customized to include special Bose headsets, in-flight entertainment systems and hand-crafted Italian leather.

This particular model is light enough to accommodate most nautical helipads, special landing pads that allow you to ground your chopper directly on your yacht.

U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3

U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3
Source: U-Boat Worx

Price tag: $1.6 million

Submarine maker U-Boat Worx is hoping to catch the eye of a super yacht owner who wants to take a $1.6 million plunge.

The luxury sub has room for two passengers and one pilot and can dive more than 1,000 feet. The interior is modeled to feel like an underwater sports car — but unlike one of these high-powered vehicles, the underwater vessel includes a wine chiller.

The sleek submarine is designed to fit into an 71-square-foot storage area, making it easy to tuck away inside your super yacht's tender garage. And for the discriminating owner who likes his toys to match his yacht, there are plenty of bespoke options available.

The U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3 is still in production, but the company said three have already been sold