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Jay Leno on new versus used vehicles

Jay Leno: Newer cars are like young women

It's an age-old question nearly every driver will face. When buying a car, should you opt for a new or used vehicle?

New cars have become giant computers on wheels that have the magical capability of getting you to Taco Bell. Or, you know, other places. Like jobs.

But for do-it-yourself repairmen trained to fix old-school cars, the ins and outs of these computerized vehicles can be daunting. Old motors and components just make sense for someone who's handy with a wrench.

If a car owner plans to let someone else suffer the sweat and scraped knuckles, however, they have to at least consider the cost of maintenance when making the big decision. And unfortunately, there's no perfect answer.

With new cars, fresh parts and factory warranties save drivers a lot of money during the first several years.

On the other hand, depreciation is a big expense. That can make buying a pre-owned vehicle attractive — though that option carries risk as it pertains to potential maintenance issues.

It's a difficult balance — pay now or pay later. What does Jay Leno prefer? Watch the video to find out.

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