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Apple iPad Pro is out and reviews are in

Apple's new iPad Pro: The reviews are in

Apple's iPad Pro is out and reviews are already in from various tech publications. The company claims the 12.9-inch iPad could be a laptop killer, but from the varying reports, that may not yet be the case.

For most reviewers, the accessories — particularly the Pencil — rather than the tablet, stand out.

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9to5Mac says, "The accessories are almost more important than the iPad hardware itself in making this a true PC replacement and — ultimately — a compelling purchase."

Wired magazine writes, "This long, white, paintbrush-looking stylus is central to the notion that the iPad Pro is for doing anything, any way you want. In apps that support it, the Pencil is an unbelievably accurate, fine instrument for creation or control."

Mashable had one complaint about the Pencil however. The reviewer writes, "There is no place on the tablet to store the Pencil and since it's perfectly round, the Pencil occasionally rolled away from me. As a result, I lived in fear of misplacing or losing it. I think there will be a healthy third-party market for Apple Pencil holders."

An Apple employee demonstrates how to use the new Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro at a media event in San Francisco.
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The power behind the huge screen allowed all reviewers to switch apps and multitasks without so much of a hiccup.

Walt Mossberg of Re/Code found a few areas of annoyance. He said it's too bulky, he found that the keyboard is lacking and that few apps don't take advantage of the sprawling surface real estate.

Mossberg says: "The iPad Pro will no doubt make a lot of Apple users happy, especially if they use it for graphics. But I won't be buying one, and I don't recommend that average users do so either."

The Verge reviewer said, "I've always been a bit of an iPad skeptic, never understanding how people can use them all the time for productivity, even with a Bluetooth accessory keyboard attached. By day three with the iPad Pro, I had started to wonder,could this replace my MacBook?"