KFC's plan to make eating fried chicken easier

KFC testing on-demand delivery

For Kentucky Fried Chicken, it is not enough that customers don't have to make the fried chicken. The restaurant does not want them to even have to leave their homes to fetch the chicken.

That is why the Yum Brands unit is now testing on-demand delivery with DoorDash. Initially, the test will be limited to the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles and Orange County.

"I think consumers really want three things: value, quality food and convenience. I think DoorDash really solves the last one," said KFC's U.S. Chief Information Officer Chris Caldwell in a phone interview.

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Caldwell says it is too early to talk about a timeline for the service to go nationwide. The chain plans to quickly ramp up testing from about 60 locations Thursday to roughly 100 after it adds a market in Texas.

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He added the partnership is the first of its kind for KFC though it did try in-house delivery many years ago.

DoorDash has quickly asserted itself as a force in the delivery space by stressing data-driven insights and better efficiency in stores in addition to speed.

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"To bring you hot chicken wings under 30 minutes is a lot harder than it sounds," said DoorDash CEO Tony Xu in the same interview.

Since its founding in 2013, DoorDash has grown to 18 markets and more than 250 cities. It also has a partnership with fellow Yum Brand unit Taco Bell.