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'Astonishing' US dividend growth sets record in Q3

Why it's time to buy dividend-paying stocks

A wobbly third-quarter stock market didn't stop companies from shelling out cash to shareholders, with U.S. investors getting the bulk of the benefits.

American companies issued a staggering $107.9 billion in dividends for the three-month period, a 23.4 percent quarterly increase that "comfortably" set a new record," according to data released Tuesday by Henderson Global Investors.

U.S. dividends rose "at an astonishing pace," the firm said in a statement. Globally, dividends hit $297 billion, a 2.3 percent gain, with the headline number somewhat subdued when adjusting for pressures a rising U.S. dollar had on exchange rates. Underlying global growth, which adjusts for special dividends as well as currency movements, index changes and timing, registered a more robust 9 percent that Henderson said was in line with the first two quarters.

While dividends surged, the stock market tumbled, with the losing about 9.3 percent.