This is what a $45K Thanksgiving buys...

Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people to top $50

Thanksgiving at one New York steakhouse is known for something besides simply giving thanks: extreme decadence.

This holiday, Old Homestead Steakhouse is going bigger than ever by offering a $45,000 meal, topping last year's meal by a whopping $10,000.

So, what do buyers get for the stratospheric price tag?

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The night includes a lavish seven-course meal intended to feed a group of eight. On the menu are a roasted, free-range, organic turkey clocking in at $75 per pound; gravy made with $4,900 per bottle Pappy Van Winkle bourbon; whipped sweet potatoes with $1,600 per ounce Royal Ossetra caviar; two Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade tickets; a $7,500 Black Friday shopping spree at Bergdorf Goodman; and a two-night stay at the Waldorf.

The extravagant meal also comes with a two-carat diamond engagement ring to pop the question, making the $45,000 price tag slightly more affordable considering buyers will be knocking out a major life event on top of the holiday celebration for the price of one over-the-top night.