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8 signs consumer pricing will never be the same again

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Giving lift tickets a lift

Skiing is a recreation for both the affluent and the aspirational, so it's no surprise that dynamic pricing has made its way to the slopes. In some cases, that's leading resorts to not only make more snow but also more money.

Around 20 percent of resorts in North America use Liftopia's Cloudstore pricing engine, which starts pricing daily tickets at a discount months in advance — typically, 30 to 35 percent lower than the price at the window. As the date gets closer, the discount shrinks until the cost is near or equal to the window rate, depending significantly upon the factors of how many tickets are available and what the weather will be for that day.

According to Liftopia CEO Evan Reece, as many as 75 percent of bookings are completed online in advance, compared to none a decade ago. Additionally, the adult single day price at the window has gone up this year by 9 percent. It's a good example of how technology can assist the wise consumer.

"While window rates are in fact going up, the cost of skiing is not. The cost of entry into the sport is coming down to those who are willing to commit in advance," said Reece.

George Rose | Getty Images