Majority of Britons now want 'Brexit': Poll

Majority of Britons want a Brexit
Majority of Britons want a Brexit

A survey conducted in the days following the Paris terror attacks has shown a swing in opinion for Britons with a majority now wanting to forgo membership of the European Union.

The online poll - conducted by ORB on behalf of the U.K.'s Independent newspaper - shows that 52 percent of the 2,000 respondents believe Britain should leave the EU, while 48 percent want to remain. This is the the first time the monthly survey has shown a majority for a so-called "Brexit."

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The publication highlights that the survey was taken on Wednesday and Thursday last week just days after the attacks in Paris that left 130 dead. The Independent article added that the results show a marked Eurosceptic shift since the Paris attacks, detailing that the majority of respondents were pro-EU last month amid widespread media coverage of the refugee crisis.

The U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has promised a referendum on EU membership will happen before the end of 2017. Read the full story on the website of the Independent.

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