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Volvo launches in-car delivery service

Volvo to your car?

Carmaker Volvo is planning to launch an in-car delivery service amid a bigger focus on technology in the auto industry.

Launching what it calls the world's first commercially available in-car delivery service, the Swedish car brand Volvo, which is owned by Chinese company Geely, said its new service will liberate online shoppers.

Bendrik said that the service works by means of a digital key, which is used to gain one-time access to the customer's vehicle. Security is bound to be a concern for customers but Bendrik said the company was collaborating with insurance companies to make sure the deliveries were covered.

Daniel Roland | AFP | Getty Images

Klas Bendrik, chief information officer at Volvo, told CNBC that the service was a "fantastic opportunity to take away the hassle from doing online shopping and being at home waiting for the delivery. This can free up time for people."

The service is initially being launched in Gothenburg, where Volvo's headquarters are located in Sweden, but could be rolled out further if successful.

Microsoft, Volvo strike deal to make driverless cars

The latest plan from Volvo comes amid a push to become a leader in auto technology. Last week, Volvo and Microsoft struck a deal to develop driverless vehicles and transform the car buying process using the U.S. technology giant's HoloLens headset. It has also integrated Spotify's music streaming service and Apple's CarPlay into its infotainment systems.

Bendrik said the "landscape of partners was rapidly developing" in the auto industry. "This actually shows one of the areas where Volvo is pioneering – how to collaborate in these larger econ systems and this is what we're seeing in this in-car delivery service."

According to pilot tests of the service, Bendrik said there had been a high level of customer interest and satisfaction.