For the future of banking, it's all about the apps

Shift to mobile banking

Banking is becoming increasingly less personal, and customers seem to like it that way.

At a time when bank branches are disappearing by the hundreds, many folks don't seem to care. In fact, an expansive survey shows that when it comes to the banking experience, institutions are far better off concentrating on creating great mobile experiences than on upgrading their physical locations.

The preferences show up in a variety of ways: Customers are one-third more likely to enjoy a mobile transaction than a bank visit; those who use branches are three times more likely to switch banks than those who are infrequent visitors; a branch visit is 2.3 times more likely to end up with an annoyed customer than using an app.

Those results came from a Bain financial services practice survey of 114,696 consumers in banks across the world.

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"Mobile is definitely taking off in terms of usage, but it's also a consistently better experience," Gerard du Toit, a Bain partner who leads the firm's retail banking sector, said in an interview. "The younger generation is a little earlier in adopting, but the older generation is right behind them in terms of driving adoptions as well."