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Music therapy hopes to change brain injury treatment

Musical remedy for brain diseases
Musical remedy for brain diseases

In an era of increasing activity in the biotech sector, Brian Harris is bringing a level of simplicity to the medical field.

His company, MedRhythms, uses melodies and rhythms to help treat and combat the effects of certain brain injuries, strokes, and Parkinson's disease.

"2.5 million people suffer from brain injury or stroke, (in the U.S.), so the market is huge and we know the need is out there," Brian Harris, the founder told CNBC.

According to Harris' research, recent advancements in neuroimaging prove that music engages the entire brain. "There's no other stimulus on earth that has such global activation," he said.

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Using his strategic procedures, MedRythems helps patients form new connections and strengthen old connections to help improve movement, language and cognition.

"Research shows neurological music therapy is very clinically effective and neuroscience is starting to catch up with what we've seen with music," Harris said.

However, scaling his business isn't easy. To grow, the company gives presentations to hospitals, doctors, and various communities hoping to raise awareness of their product.

Harris knew he wanted to pursue a career in music when he was younger and watched someone have a profound effect in response to music, despite being severely disabled. "I knew that if we can figure out a way to explain why someone could have this type of response, then we can harness that power and replicate it to a lot of people," he said.