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Cramer: The only stocks that can beat Amazon

Cramer: The only stocks that can beat Amazon

Jim Cramer watched as the market was driven down on Monday by worried investors that feared the power of Amazon, especially on Cyber Monday. Even Cramer himself was concerned, and found the action very disconcerting.

When he heard that Amazon could be growing its sales double digit year-over-year, he interpreted that as being a negative trend for everyone else.

"There is simply no way that one retailer could see such an enormous uptick without it being zero-sum, meaning Amazon's gain is somebody else's pain," the "Mad Money" host said. (Tweet This)

It has become clear to Cramer that Amazon's strength is now the mall's weakness. It seems that investors have written off broad-line mall-based retailers for the time being.

These guys can take Amazon

There is simply no way that one retailer could see such an enormous uptick without it being zero-sum, meaning Amazon's gain is somebody else's pain
Jim Cramer
An Amazon employee sorts boxes before loading them onto trucks for shipping at's fulfillment Center in Fernley, Nevada.
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This means that the mall sightseer effect has been crushed by Amazon, too. When consumers used to go to the mall, they would have to walk through a Nordstrom to get to a J Crew. It worked, and people did their shopping at the mall simply by walking through a bunch of stores.

However, this cannot happen if everyone is at home ordering on their computers or mobile devices.

In fact, Cramer has noticed a trend that many of the guilty pleasures these days revolve around being at home. This is evident with Grand Theft Auto being the single biggest entertainment release of all time, and more people love to stay home and watch Netflix.

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"Respect the fact that we have had a red hot market, and although I believe we could be in for a decent December, even the winners, like Amazon, gave it up after a stronger opening," Cramer said.

With this in mind, Cramer decided to dig deep to find the stocks that simply cannot be 'Amazon-ed.' These are companies that offer such a great value proposition, that they are even worth buying on a day like Monday with almost every retailer was down.

Cramer selected Costco, because it makes its real money from the membership card. He also liked Ulta Salon, because even with snazzy drones — Amazon can't do your hair. It will never have the beauty parlors that Ulta has, thus Ulta cannot be Amazon-ed.

Third was TJX, which has been a huge beneficiary of the excess inventory at major department stores. Next was Home Depot, as these days more people are investing in their homes and shopping at Home Depot. His last pick was Dollar Tree, which reported a strong quarter last week.

"I like a market with wide breadth, and retail is a very big, highly visible category," Cramer said.

"So far, though, I can only say that if it's an Amazon Christmas, than the retail Grinch is steal it from others, with no sweet Dr. Seuss ending coming our way to bring a smile to your face or your portfolio," he added.

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