Portfolio playbook: Infrastructure stocks

Highway construction
Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled plans for a five year, $275 billion dollar federal infrastructure plan on Monday.

Clinton's proposal, which she calls a "down payment on the future," would create an infrastructure bank and be paid for by overhauling the existing business tax code and closing corporate loopholes.

"To build a strong economy for our future, we must start by building strong infrastructure today," Clinton said at the launch of "Hard Hats for Hillary," an effort by her campaign to mobilize union workers.

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Josh Duitz, manages a series of infrastructure portfolios for Alpine Funds, including the Alpine Global Infrastructure fund, which holds a five star rating from Morningstar.

Monday on CNBC's "Power Lunch" Duitz explained how investors might monetize from any plans to rebuild America's existing infrastructure.

"Infrastructure investment is sorely needed as the government has been unable to provide funding over the past few decades," said Duitz. "That's why we need private companies to step in, which we so vitally need."

Duitz said the initial amount proposed by Clinton is a good beginning, but much more is needed to jump-start projects and enact long-lasting change.

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Duitz's favorite pick is Ferrovial S.A., a Spanish multinational involved in the construction, financing, operation and maintenance of transportation infrastructure around the globe. In the U.S., Ferrovial built and manages the two roadways in Texas including the LBJ Expressway in Dallas.

Duitz's other pick is Crown Castle International, a real estate investment trust (REIT) that builds, owns, operates and leases 45,000 shared wireless infrastructures, including cell towers and antennas, within the United States, Puerto Rico and Australia.

"Airports and highways are in desperate need of repair," said Duitz. "But we also need updated telecommunication equipment, which is a big part of our nation's infrastructure build-out."