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Crowdsourcing love advice

Crowdsourcing love advice

One start-up is matchmaking, but not in the traditional sense. HeTexted is pairing women with strangers who can answer their most pressing relationship questions.

"HeTexted is pioneering a situation-based advice business," founder Lisa Winning said.

Winning's online platform and iOS app connects millennials with vetted but unpaid advisors, who give what she calls, "credible" answers to users' most personal dilemmas.

"People, women especially, want a way to talk things out and seek feedback," she told CNBC.

Popping the question

The predominantly female users can get responses one of two ways. If a user submits her questions anonymously on the site's public forum, she can get crowdsourced advice from other HeTexted users. The second option is to send questions privately to one of the company's pool of 15 male and female advisors. Answers to these inquiries remain private.

All advisors are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Winning said 5 million people use the service, which is free now, but she hopes to eventually charge for private advice.

Finding Mr. Right

Rothenberg Ventures Partner Fran Hauser questioned how the start-up establishes trust between the advisors and users.

Winning said the company screens for empathetic individuals with ample dating experience. She said users can leave comments and rate their advisors on how helpful he or she was.

Currently there are no competitors in the space, and while Winning said the start-up is not yet profitable, HeTexted is operating with revenue of $150,000 from sponsored content on the website in addition to book sales. In her book, "He Texted: The Ultimate Guide to Decoding Guys," Winning and her co-authors pull real-life scenarios from the website and offer their own dating tips.

The start-up has raised $720,000 through 500 Startups and the New York Angels Entrepreneur Catalyst Fund.

At the moment, "HeTexted is purely focused on growth, product and next level partnerships," she said.

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