Movie pirates, ye be warned! Social media catches illegal file sharers

Magnifying glass internet investigation
Natalia Vasina Vladimirovna | Getty Images

Social media led British copyright authorities to apprehending three of the United Kingdom's biggest file sharers, Torrent Freak reported Monday.

The UK's Federation Against Copyright Theft found Reece Baker aka Baker92 after he made one dramatic mistake: mentioning his "baby momzie Ria" in an NFO (info) file, according to the blog. It was deduced that the username was a combination of the perpetrator's surname and birth year. From there, it was a matter of searching a credit-rating database to find an individual born in 1992 to a woman named Ria.

Sahil Rafiq was discovered when he used one of his various file-sharing usernames to ask a customer support question about a laptop. His mistake: singing the inquiry with his actual name. This quickly led authorities to his Facebook profile.

Graeme 'Reidy' Reid found himself caught after it was discovered that he used the same email for Facebook as he did for torrenting. His profile named his occupation as "encoder."

The file sharers received jail sentences that span three or more years.

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