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Samsung turns its TVs into smarthome hubs

Samsung's 2016 TV line up is IoT ready
Samsung's 2016 TV line up is IoT ready

You'll be able to do a lot more with your Samsung television next year.

The Korean tech giant on Tuesday announced that all of its web-enabled Smart TVs in 2016 will also serve as hubs for its SmartThings platform — a way to connect Samsung's smarthome products, such as coffeemakers, light bulbs and security cameras, to a wireless network.

That means users will be able to control various web-enabled devices through their TV sets.

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Adding the functionality into TVs may get SmartThings into a lot of homes in 2016, but Samsung remains far from the only player in the Internet of Things market.

Apple is working on similar smarthome capabilities with Apple TV, and Google has similar plans with its own new wireless router.