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Major global events that shook 2015

People observe a minute-silence at the Place de la Republique in memory of the victims of the Paris terror attacks in November.

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Terror in France

In January 2015, terror came to Paris when two radicalized brothers attacked the offices of satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo. Customers in a kosher deli were also targeted by a third terrorist.

In all, 17 people were killed over three days, while all three gunmen were eventually killed by armed police in raids.

In November, France suffered another atrocity when 130 people lost their lives in co-ordinated terror attacks by Islamist militants across Paris. The attack was the deadliest in Europe since 2004 when commuter trains in Madrid were bombed by al-Qaeda inspired terrorists, killing 191 people.

European cities remain on high alert for fear of similar attacks and police investigations continue.

Christopher Furlong | Getty Images