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Cramer Remix: Is North Korea a reason to sell?

Cramer Remix: Is North Korea a reason to sell?

Sometimes, the market wants to go lower, and nothing will stop it. But Jim Cramer reminded investors not to let fear obscure the concrete positives that are happening right under their noses.

"Remember, nobody ever made a dime panicking, and that is still true even when everybody is freaking out about thermo-nuclear war," the "Mad Money" host said. (Tweet This)

As soon as Cramer learned that North Korea claimed that it detonated a hydrogen bomb on Tuesday night, he knew Wednesday would be a difficult trading session.

The markets always have a hard time factoring in potential nuclear catastrophes. The combination of the unknown and inherently irrational North Korean government and thermo-nuclear weaponry is the complete opposite of reassurance for investors.

But is that a reason to sell stocks?

Cramer was shocked when the U.S. stock market was eviscerated, while the South Korean market — the country that really should be worried — seemed to take the whole thing in stride, dropping only about 1 percent on the news before rallying and closing almost unchanged.

"There is no universe where we should be down more than South Korea on this news, yet that is exactly what happened," Cramer said.

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A sales assistant watches TV sets broadcasting a news report on North Korea's nuclear test, in Seoul, January 6, 2016.
Kim Hong-Ji | Reuters

After another brutal session on Wednesday, Cramer reminded investors that stocks still have the ability to go up. It's just that in this kind of a difficult environment, the key is to remain selective of the stocks owned.

That is why all week Cramer has been examining the best winners of 2015. He covered the Dow and S&P 500 and has now turned his attention to Nasdaq. The top five performers were Netflix, Amazon, Activision Blizzard, NVIDIA and International.

However, there was another group of stocks within Nasdaq that were more interesting to Cramer. That was the next seven names beyond the top five. These names included Starbucks, Incyte Corp, Alphabet, Electronic Arts, Ulta Salon, T-Mobile and Expedia.

"Talk about a cluster of greatness!" the "Mad Money" host said.

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And while the worst performers of the Dow and S&P were especially heinous in 2015, Nasdaq was different.

"They aren't loathsome, they are not just about coal or oil or natural gas. They even have some redeeming qualities," Cramer said.

The stocks that came in at the bottom were Micron, Western Digital, Viacom, Seagate and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Yet all of these companies are actually making money, have pretty good balance sheets and are expected to have earnings growth in 2016 and 2017.

T. Boone Pickens
David Orrell | CNBC

The agony of the oil patch continued Wednesday when crude fell to levels not seen since December 2008, leading Cramer to ask when the pain would finally come to an end.

That is why Cramer turned to the insight of oil magnate, financier and philanthropist T. Boone Pickens to discuss the future of energy.

"We will be back to $70 to $75 by the end of the year," Pickens said. (Tweet This)

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Cramer always recommends to investors that they should save up $10,000 in their 401(k) or IRA before even attempting to invest in individual stocks. Typically, he recommends going with an index fund or ETF that mirrors the S&P 500, but there are other options out there if a little homework is done.

Kevin O'Leary is an investor and entrepreneur that many know from his role as Mr. Wonderful on CNBC's "Shark Tank," and has partnered with FTSE Russell to create a suite of rule-based ETFs. This includes an ETF that contains only the highest quality dividend stocks in the S&P 500, called O'Shares.

The idea behind this approach is that the fund will only hold dividend paying stocks that are 20 percent less volatile than the overall market and have a healthy balance sheet. To learn more, Cramer spoke with O'Leary.

"I only own dividend paying stocks for a good reason — that's where the returns come from," O'Leary said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller-favorite stocks:

Tech Data: "It's a very inexpensive stock, a wholesale distributor. May I suggest that we go with Avnet, down 5 percent already for the year and I think a really good balance sheet and has great management with Rick Hamada [CEO]."

Orbital ATK: "This is the stock for this environment! You know I've been recommending this thing forever saying that defense budgets are going higher. With a 52-week high you've got a winner."

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