Phones will take a different form: Blackberry's Chen

While many consumers may be satisfied with their current devices, BlackBerry's CEO told CNBC that he believes there is still another leg of growth ahead for phones.

"I think phones will take a different form, whether it's a wallet, whether it's a kind of next generation Fitbit," John Chen said. "I wouldn't think that phones as of today, just making calls and surfing the Web, is going to be adequate."

The communications company CEO presented new technology to assist in autonomous driving improvement on Monday at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show of 2016.

Blackberry's QNX operating system joined Ford's SmartDeviceLink (SDL), which is a open source software, in an effort to advance technology that integrates smartphones and cars.

While there are new developments in the technology sector, cybersecurity continues to be a big issue for the industry.

"We don't provide any backdoor, we don't really provide any content to anybody, but we help [the] government to track down bad situations," he said. "If the government provides us subpoenas."