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The countries hit hardest by extreme weather

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An historic agreement may have been reached at the United Nations Climate Change conference in Paris late last year, but that could prove too late for some countries.

Sustainable Energy has taken a look at international think tank Germanwatch's Global Climate Risk Index for 2016, part of which profiles the countries most affected by "extreme weather events" in 2014.

The Bonn- and Berlin-based think tank is keen to stress that while single extreme events can't be attributed to man-made climate change, climate change is nonetheless becoming, "an increasingly important factor for changing the odds of occurrence and intensity of these events."

The index is ranked according to "data sets available on the impacts of extreme weather events and associated socio-economic data" and the report's authors stress that the scores are based on past data and shouldn't be used for what the organization describes as a "linear projection" of future climate impacts.

Nikolay Doychinov | AFP | Getty Images