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Cramer's game plan: Pain now, gain later

Cramer's game plan for next week

It was a nasty week this week, and Jim Cramer was thankful when it finally ended. Unfortunately, he does not expect anything good from this market in the near-term.

It made sense to Cramer that the market would go higher with China being able to mount a rally on Friday and nonfarm payroll data showing bountiful job gains — but that was not the case, as the Dow dropped triple digits in the close.

"As I've told you all week, do not expect anything good from this market," the "Mad Money" host said. (Tweet This)

Cramer speculated that the only reason the Chinese market rallied was because its government propped up the market with buying. That is great short term but will not be sustainable in the long run. Especially since Cramer believes that the Chinese government is making these moves up as it goes along.

"Put simply, it's a phony market. We have lost all confidence in the Chinese Communists' ability to run either their stock exchanges or for that matter, their economy, and that loss of faith is translating into genuine fear of some sort of systematic crisis that could hurt worldwide growth," Cramer said.

Until we see a real crescendo of capitulation, I say we have to be willing to take some pain for now, in order to get some gain later.
Jim Cramer

So, with a Chinese stock market that is propped up with the government, and the U.S. economy with a Fed that is threatening to raise rates — who in their right mind would buy stocks?

One thing that has been totally lost amid the pile of bad news lately is earnings. Both Constellation Brands and Walgreens reported fabulous earnings this week, but no one cared.

Cramer thinks this could all change next week when earnings season kicks off. With this in mind, he shared the stocks and events he will be watching next week:

Monday: Alcoa
Alcoa has recently closed many high-cost smelters in order to create a new commodity company that is more diversified. Cramer is more interested in the high-tech side of its business and thinks Alcoa's stock has gotten too low versus the sum of the company's parts.

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Tuesday: CSX Corporation, Monster Beverage analyst meeting
CSX will provide investors insight on everything from coal, auto parts to agriculture and oil. Railroad stocks have been horrendous lately, and Cramer is reluctant to buy the stock.

Monster was one of Cramer's favorite names last year, and he expects to hear a good story about European sales from the analyst meeting. He recommended owning the stock for speculation.

Thursday: JPMorgan, Intel
The banks have been under pressure recently with the thought that perhaps the Fed won't tighten as quickly as many thought. That will impact how much money the banks made. Thus, Cramer worried about the amount of negativity circling the group.

As for Intel, Cramer is willing to bet that it has good things to say about its acquisition of Altera. It seemed like the right move for Intel to diversify away from the declining world of PCs.

Friday: Wells Fargo, Citigroup, PNC, US Bancorp
Cramer again cautioned investors that this entire group is for sale. The charts have broken down and the sector has become hated, and he doesn't think this group is done going down.

So, with China still up in the air and the Fed determined to raise rates due to strong employment, investors will be fighting both the Fed and world events next week.

"Until we see a real crescendo of capitulation, I say we have to be willing to take some pain for now, in order to get some gain later," Cramer said.

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