This is the most punctual airport in the United States

Delta planes at the Salt Lake City international Airport
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Delta planes at the Salt Lake City international Airport

If you're looking for dependable flights, you might just be in luck...if you fly in and out of Salt Lake City.

The Official Airline Guide revealed the most on-time airports in its annual Punctuality League Report, noting that Salt Lake City's airport stuck to its schedule more than any other U.S. airport.

For the second year in a row, the Utah airport had the highest on-time performance rate, with flights lifting off and landing within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival and departure times 87.9 percent of the time.

Globally, Osaka Itami airport in Japan is the most punctual airport. Flights through the international airport had a 93.9 percent rating.

However, Osaka Itami's high punctually could be due, in part, to its size. The airport fills less than 10 million seats each year; Salt Lake City fills between 10 million and 20 million a year.

Of the Top 5 most punctual airports, four are considered small, with 10 million departing seats or less.

  1. Osaka Itami (Japan), on time 93.85 percent
  2. Brussels South Charleroi (Belgium), 93.61 percent
  3. Panama City (Panama), 92.55 percent
  4. Tokyo Henaeda (Japan), 91.25 percent
  5. Stavanger (Norway), 91.15 percent

Read the full report from the Official Airline Guide.