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David Bowie honored by global brands

From politicians and celebrities, to general admirers of his music; the world has come together to show their heartfelt appreciation for the late British rock singer, David Bowie.

A portrait taken on May 13, 1983 shows British singer David Bowie during a press conference at the 36th Cannes Film Festival.
Ralph Gatti | AFP | Getty Images

Having inspired several companies across the music and fashion space, several popular brands and organizations took to social media to pay tribute to the musician who passed away on Sunday.

CNBC takes a look at some of the tributes.

Fender & Bose

Guitar manufacturer, Fender, and consumer electronics retailer, Bose, both paid tribute to Bowie by posting his quotes on their Twitter sites, highlighting what he's done for the music world.

Digital music services including Spotify, Pandora Radio and Tidal also paid their respects.

Rough Trade

Independent music retailer, Rough Trade, announced on Monday that it plans on donating all the profits it makes from Bowie music sales to the charity, Cancer Research U.K., through the rest of January.

Record labels who worked with Bowie also took to Twitter to show their appreciation, including Parlophone Records, RCA Records, and Virgin Records' founder, Richard Branson called Bowie "one of the greatest artists and innovators of all time."

Clothing brands

Not only was Bowie an iconic musician, but he wasn't afraid to push the boundaries and inspire people with his fashion style and individuality. Having inspired so many, popular fashion designers headed online to pay their respects.

Crocs: A tribute too far?

Not every tribute however was taken in good spirit.

Shoe manufacturer, Crocs published an image of a white pair of Crocs with Bowie's famous "Aladdin Sane" flash logo, however, after several Twitter users criticized the post for using its brand, the tweet was swiftly deleted.

Screenshot of Crocs' Tweet on David Bowie

On Sunday, Bowie passed away at the age of 69, following a "courageous 18 month battle with cancer." Bowie released his debut studio album in 1967 and rose to fame during the 1970s with several iconic songs, including "Fame" and "Heroes".

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