Snoop Dogg in foul-mouthed rant to Bill Gates

Snoop Dogg rants to Bill Gates

A brief outage for Microsoft's online video game network on Wednesday was enough to send rapper Snoop Dogg over the edge, launching an angry expletive-laden tirade against the technology company -- and its founder Bill Gates.

Posting on his personal Instagram account, the legendary artist - responsible for songs such as "Gin and Juice" - threatened to switch to rival Sony Playstation if the servers were not fixed.


"What the f*** are you doing Bill Gates, fix your s*** man," he said. "It's that difficult to play somebody online."

While Bill Gates is founder, advisor and a board member at Microsoft, he transitioned out of a day-to-day role in the company in 2008. He served as chairman of the board until February, 2014.

While not on the same scale as Gates, Snoop Dogg has also branched out into the online world, founding a cannabis lifestyle website

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Microsoft's Xbox One console has online capabilities called Xbox Live that allow millions of gamers around the world to compete from the comfort of their own homes. However, from time to time, technical issues haunt both Microsoft and rival Sony and brief server outages occur.

The tech giant's support team tweeted that it was aware of the outage on Wednesday afternoon and seven hours later it announced that the problems had been resolved. It also reported a brief outage on January 6 and Sony had to deal with its own issues on November 27 when users had difficulty launching online features of games and applications.