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Cramer's game plan: Cash is king next week

Cramer's game plan for next week

Buckle up, investors. Next week could be another rough one for investors.

So with this in mind, Jim Cramer shared the game plan of events and stocks on his radar next week:

Monday: Chinese Data
Cramer is anticipating some huge data out of China when it reports industrial production, retail sales and gross domestic product.

"I don't for one minute trust any of the numbers coming out of China today and I think that their economy is slowing at a rapid pace. So we have to presume these reports are going to be awful," the "Mad Money " host said.

In particular, Cramer will have his eye on the emerging markets that do a lot of business with China. Look for them to crumble Monday.

Thursday we should be far enough along in the sell-off to see if there might be some stocks worth buying.
Jim Cramer

Tuesday: Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, United Health, Delta Airlines, IBM, Netflix
Morgan Stanley: The stock has been in total free-fall lately, and Cramer is concerned about it. He thinks if there are negatives, they are not yet baked into the stock.

Bank of America: While the stock is cheap, that doesn't matter right now. Cramer no longer expects investors to be rewarded from this stock because the market is not taking into consideration anything good.

Delta: This one is important to Cramer. The principal raw cost for Delta is jet fuel, which has plummeted. However, so has the stock. Thus, if it does not deliver an upside surprise and raise numbers, Cramer considers this stock a goner. If it talks about competitive route pricing pressure, Cramer expects the stock to drop a quick 10 percent.

Netflix: As the best performing stock of 2015, it is now in a difficult bind. It reported a not-so-strong quarter last time, and investors overlooked it. But this time even if it reports a perfect quarter, Cramer expects the stock to go down. He thinks it is time to let the stock come in since it has been too hot for months.

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Wednesday: Goldman Sachs
The stock has been trading as if something is very wrong at Goldman. That could just be the stock reflecting any negativity towards financials. However, Cramer has no catalyst to buy the stock.

Thursday: Travelers, Verizon, Union Pacific, American Express, Schlumberger, Starbucks

"Thursday we should be far enough along in the sell-off to see if there might be some stocks worth buying," Cramer said.

Verizon: This high-yielder has more than enough cash flow to cover its dividend. If it reports better-than-expected numbers, Cramer will likely recommend buying this on "Squawk on the Street."

Starbucks: Cramer is itching to buy this stock on weakness because he thinks it has bright long-term prospects.

Friday: General Electric
This industrial reported the best organic growth of any company in its class last time around. If it falls near its flash crash price of $23, then he will want to buy some.

Ultimately Cramer will be opportunistic and look for stocks that are overdone to the downside next week.

"But cash is king right now, and stocks are pawn. Until they swap ranks on the board, the watchword is be careful out there," Cramer said.

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