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Just how much oil pain is coming for the banks?

Joe Raedle | Getty Images

How bad and extensive is the big banks' exposure to the crude oil crash?

A just-released Goldman Sachs report lists the answers to the following questions about how much the financial sector and the oil markets are intertwined:

How much have the big banks funded in outstanding debt to the oil & gas sector?

Bank of America leads the list with $21.3 billion. Citigroup is next at $20.5 billion. Wells Fargo is third at $17 billion. JP Morgan Chase is at $13.8 billion. Morgan Stanley is at $4.8 billion, PNC Bank has $2.6 billion and US Bancorp is at $3.1 billion.

How much is that, as a percentage of the bank's total loans?

Morgan Stanley leads the way at 5%, followed by Citi at 3.3%, Bank of America at 2.4%, Wells Fargo at 1.9%, JP Morgan Chase at 1.6%, PNC at 1.3%, and US Bancorp at 1.2%.

Which banks have stowed away the most reserves relative to their oil exposure?

Wells Fargo leads the way here with 7.1% of the value of its exposure in reserve. US Bancorp is second with 5.4%, and JP Morgan Chase is third with 4%. Morgan Stanley, Citi, and PNC are all at 3% and Bank of America has 2.3% in reserve.

As for Goldman Sachs itself, CFO Harvey Schwartz would only say the company has $10.6 billion in total oil sector exposure.