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Musician and Entrepreneur & Activist Arianna Huffington Sit Down for CNBC & Facebook’s Face to Face Collaboration at World Economic Forum




Andrew Ross Sorkin: I wonder whether you think you were born entrepreneurs or this is something that sort of came to you? : You wanna go first?

Arianna Huffington: Go first. There are a lot of people that are entrepreneurs that don't even know it. Those are like overachievers. Somebody that after you're finished there are like no no no it's done we're done no no no I want to keep on going.

Andrew Ross Sorkin: Arianna?

Arianna Huffington: Don't you think it's also somebody who is comfortable with failure? Yes.

Arianna Huffington: Because you do not become an entrepreneur if you only want to succeed. Because most entrepreneurial efforts don't succeed.

Andrew Ross Sorkin: This one from Max, what are the top three charity causes you think need the most attention and money right now in America, more broadly the world? Education. The most important one. Right now machine learning has a bigger investment than group learning, which means 20 years from now, that iPhone or this platform we're on – Facebook will be smarter than what a 27-year-old would be then, because there's no funding that matches machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Andrew Ross Sorkin: Can we talk politics? If Donald Trump becomes the nominee, how will you cover him?

Arianna Huffington: Well we will continue to cover him as a clear and present danger. Somebody who says he would stop Muslims from entering the United States, that is so deeply in un-American. That is so contrary to all that America stands for What's happening with Donald Trump is the mainstreaming of extremists. The truth is Hitler was elected, many people who are incredibly destructive can be elected. It's our responsibility to keep telling the truth about him.

Andrew Ross Sorkin: Shirley Brady asks what do you think of Sarah Palin's re-emergence with Trump?

Arianna Huffington: I think they deserve each other.

Andrew Ross Sorkin: Arnault Cooper says how do we, the voters, ensure that our voice is heard and our voice counts? Nowadays, to be able to cast your vote and then at the same time take the conch and let everyone know that you voted. You would think in this day and age, you would think we would be voting through our phones. If I can bank from my phone, I should be able to vote from my phone.

Arianna Huffington: The good thing right now is because of social media, voters voices can be heard better than ever.

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