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Cramer Remix: What to expect with Apple

Cramer Remix: What to expect with Apple

Jim Cramer has some bad news for those investors who are tired of the stock market roller-coaster ride — it's not over.

"I say get used to it, because I bet next week we will have more of the same," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer is anticipating that the combination of the Fed's Wednesday rate decision, the volatile price of oil, any news that comes out of China and a massive parade of earnings will kick things into hyperdrive.

With this in mind, Cramer reviewed the earnings and events on his radar next week:

Apple: Cramer is sticking by his advice on this one to own it, don't trade it. For those investors who do not already own it, he advised waiting until after the quarter to pick some up.

"The greatest company of all time with the greatest stock of all time isn't about to quit on you anytime soon," Cramer said. (Tweet This)

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Investing has reached the point where it is at war. The opposing sides are the fundamentals versus the market, and Cramer hasn't seen it this bad in ages.

The averages bounced back nicely on Friday, with the Dow rebounding triple digits. But, despite the rally, Cramer thinks the fundamentals of the market do not indicate that it is any better off than it was before.

Cramer's concerns all boiled down to three topics: the strong dollar, the price of oil and earnings.

"I think we are witnessing an oversold rally that could be sowing the seeds of its own demise as it bulls its way higher to levels that just don't make a lot of sense given the fundamentals," Cramer said

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Cramer also wondered what it would take for Avon, the direct seller of cosmetics and personal care products, to turn itself around.

The stock has been stuck in a brutal long-term downtrend, falling more than 90 percent in the past five years. Avon clearly faces a lot of challenges, and the company's sales have declined by 22 percent in the most recent quarter.

Avon's CEO Sheri McCoy has done her best to turn things around, as private equity firm Cerberus announced it is investing $435 million into the company for a 16.6 percent stake. Avon is also selling more than 80 percent of its North America division to Cerberus for $170 million.

"Our top 10 markets hold leadership chairs, we have terrific products and I think we have been beleaguered by some FX and so we are continuing to manage that focusing on taking cost out, and prices as we can do that," McCoy said

On Thursday evening, Starbucks reported what Cramer considered to be a fantastic quarter. Yet shareholders responded by dumping the stock hard.

"When will Starbucks and its amazing management team finally be given the benefit of the doubt?" the "Mad Money" host asked.

Cramer considered the latest quarter to be the strongest quarter in the company's history. For those shareholders who dumped the stock, he traced the issues to two unexpected negatives: softer sales in Europe after the Paris tragedy and the slowdown in Chinese growth to 5 percent from 6 percent.

"I think it's time to start trusting Howard Schultz when he refutes the critics," Cramer said.

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Cramer hates to be a buzz-kill after a second good day in a row on the stock market, but he thought it was important to alert investors of some hugely disturbing signs he has been seeing in the automobile industry.

"I have been warning about a potential peak in the auto sector ever since the Federal Reserve started tightening last month, because higher interest rates make it both more difficult and more expensive to get financing when you're trying to buy a new car," Cramer said.

What was more worrisome is what is happening to two of the nation's largest auto dealers: AutoNation and CarMax. The precipitous declines in the stocks indicate to Cramer that the market has reached a verdict on whether the auto industry has peaked, and thinks it is guilty on all charges.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Teekay Corp: "No, if we are going to be in that area we are going to go with Nordic American Tankers."

Regal Entertainment: "Why don't we buy EPR and get a little extra dividend in there. EPR properties is at 6.7 percent, you get that same kind of thing."