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Power Play: Exposure to emerging markets

A consumer is taking a Coca Cola bottle in a Beijing supermarket.
Zhang Peng | LightRocket | Getty Images

The Shanghai Composite is down 22 percent since the beginning of the year and emerging markets are down 8 percent.

But despite this downturn, Kourtney Ratliff, partner at Loop Capital and head of global equity and fixed income, tells CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Wednesday investors need to have exposure in emerging markets for long-term growth.

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"Regardless of how you feel about China, even if you cut them in half, [there's] still twice as much growth there as in the U.S.," Ratliff said.

She looks for growth and value and favors large-caps with a global presence.

Ratliff likes consumer staples and strong brands such as Coca-Cola and Nike.

Coca-Cola is higher during trading, while Nike is lower.