Say goodbye to those curly lightbulbs: GE

GE to stop making curly light bulbs
GE to stop making curly light bulbs

GE is making a major change to its repertoire of light bulb options, according to Gizmodo. By the end of 2016, the company will no longer be selling compact fluorescent lamp bulbs—known by their twisted design.

An emphasis will be placed on more efficient LED light bulbs, which are brighter, use less energy and last longer. In addition, they do not use dangerous chemicals such as mercury to generate power like CFLs do. However, LEDs are the most expensive type of bulb.

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The reason for the switch is versatility, according to the company as LED bulbs have instant brightness as well as the option to change color. The circuit board inside also allows for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.

"We think that lightbulbs will be able to sense or hear. They can be nodes throughout your house," GE global commercial marketing manager Steve Pepe told Gizmodo. The hopes are that LEDs can be the gateway to a smart house.

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