Gear up for the big game with a new TV for less

Aside from Black Friday, the days surrounding Super Bowl Sunday are the best time of year to score a deal on a TV.

Please keep in mind that prices can change at any moment and items may sell out, so make your move fast if you want to enjoy these huge savings.

Since prices will continue to fluctuate, make sure you're protected with a price-match guarantee. One of the best price-match policies comes from Amazon. They have a 30-day guarantee on the TV purchases highlighted below, which means refund eligibility if a price drops or a competitor posts a better price during this window.

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A Best Buy salesman helps a customer (R) carry his new 50' Samsung TV.
Paul J. Richards | AFP | Getty Images
A Best Buy salesman helps a customer (R) carry his new 50' Samsung TV.

If you're happy with your current TV set-up but want to dramatically enhance the resolution, don't miss this deal:

$60 Off iScan 4K Conversion Kit + free shipping
Was: $139.99
Now: $79.99
**Check out the incredible impact this had on Matt's 1080p set at home**

Bonus deal: Favorite universal wall mounts right here.

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