Lightning Round: This energy stock goes higher

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Sysco Corp: "I think you should take a little off the table. Why? Because of that spike. It was an OK quarter, not that great. I want you to ring the register on some, let the rest ride."

McKesson Corporation: "That's a very controversial group right now. I'd rather see you in McCormick than McKesson, because that's spice."

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Duke Energy: "I think Duke Energy goes higher. I think people want yield and it's got 4+ percent, the yield is safe. By the way can we just say that earlier this week we spoke to Tom Farrell [CEO] of Dominion and that stock is still well-off with a 4 percent yield. I prefer that one."

Alexion Pharmaceuticals: "I thought that it was going to get a takeover bid, but because the fundamentals aren't tight ... Celgene is down as much, and some of the others are down as much. I'm not going to reach down to Alexion. I am going to say that Celgene is better."

Generac Holdings: "Generac Holdings is one of those stocks when you have a giant storm, people get excited about it. And then they leave it when there's not a giant storm. You can actually buy it down here if you can hold it."

Ferrellgas Partners: "When I see that yield in double digits, and I see these kinds of partnerships I say we've got to stay away. That is a red flag."

BP: "I'm not recommending any fossil fuel stocks. The company seems very committed to the dividend, Mr. Dudley doing the best he can, but you know what, these stocks are too hard. I got so many great stocks that are at the 52-week lows, I don't need to reach down the food chain to a company that actually had a very disappointing quarter. There is no way we can say any other way to describe that BP quarter."

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