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Salesforce CEO: The key to extraordinary growth

Salesforce CEO: The key to extraordinary growth

Jim Cramer has always considered to be the king of cloud. So while "Mad Money " is in San Francisco this week, he decided to check in with the CEO of the enterprise software company.

Salesforce last reported in November and totally blew away the numbers. However, since the beginning of the year, the stock has fallen 16 percent. Salesforce's chairman and CEO Marc Benioff is driving the company to be the fastest enterprise software company to reach $10 billion.

"The key to growth, and the key to hitting these extraordinary numbers—and no one has grown as fast as we have in enterprise software—is two things: one is extraordinary customer success…And two is incredible innovation," Benioff said.

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One of the ways that Salesforce has stepped into the world of innovation is by rolling out its Lightning platform to Accenture, which is now using the product internally.

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"Lightning is the next generation of Salesforce's platform," Benioff said.

Salesforce is also on the verge of releasing its 50th major technology release. It has consistently had three releases per year in its 17 year history.

"No enterprise software has delivered that rate of innovation. So you put those together, you get extraordinary growth," Benioff said.

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