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Lightning Round: Visa or Mastercard?


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Spirit Airlines: "I like Spirit, I just feel bad. I liked Baldanza [former CEO] he had moxie. But I do believe that stock is cheap and I like Delta and I also like Southwest. The charts are awful."

Rite Aid: "You know what, buy it either way. They either get the bid finished or they go higher. Either way, I like the situation."

Williams Partners: "No one can live long enough to deal with the pain with Williams Partners."

Intrexon Corp: "Intrexon is the jack-of-all-trades master. A bunch of them. Bill Miller likes it and I know that people think they even have a killer for mosquitos. They can do a lot of different things. It is a kind of nutty stock, but it's a great spec."

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ConocoPhillips, holding a short position: "Makes a lot of sense I think you're definitely right."

Visa & MasterCard: "It's six or a half dozen. Scharf and Banga [CEOs] are both unbelievable managers, so I'm not going to rule against either one. It may actually be — I rarely say this — a coin flip!"

Tupperware: "I think it's down too much, but we've got to have Rick Goings [CEO] back on the show. We've got to deal direct with Rick and get the answers."

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