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Power Play: Bullish case for Amerco

U-Haul trailers sit in a parking lot in Biloxi, Mississippi.
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Stocks are seesawing on Wednesday, with the Dow trying to avoid a 4-day losing streak. Despite the volatility, this may be the best time for investors to get into equities.

SureVest Wealth Management CEO Robert Luna believes the market is giving investors a chance to add long-term growth to their portfolios.

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"The case for stocks over 'safe' bonds today is as compelling as ever and when the dust settles I believe people would rather own companies that have higher current yield than the 10 year," Luna said.

One of Luna's top picks is a mid-cap stock. "A favorite company of mine Amerco, known for its U-Haul franchise, has pulled back 26 percent since December giving investors a great entry point," Luna said.

Amerco is up two percent during trading.