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Valentine's Day gifts with big price tags

Valentines Day Gift exchange

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If you've got the money, a $10 million bowl of strawberries is a mere pittance for the cost of wooing your Valentine.

A Caribbean vacation, a five-figure dessert and an edible marriage proposal are just a few of the many ways some romantic (and wealthy) souls are using Valentine's Day to court loved ones.

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"Putting together an extravagant, romantic and exciting celebration should be easy," Chet Dudzik Jr., founder and president of Jetway Private Air of Miami told CNBC. On Valentine's Day, his company creates a "once-in-a-lifetime getaway to make romance soar."

CNBC has compiled a list of some of the most extravagant Valentine's gifts around. These over-the-top gifts won't be cheap, but they're all but sure to guarantee a day to remember.

— By Nicole O'Hara, special to
Posted 13 Feb. 2016

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