Kanye taps ‘bruh’ Mark Zuckerberg for $1B

Kanye West has asked Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion into his "ideas" after the rapper went on another outrageous Twitter tirade, claiming he was $53 million worth of personal debt.

The "Jesus Walks" singer made the plea on Sunday claiming, as he has done many, many times before, that he is the "greatest artist of all time".

And West was certainly persistent.

It's worth noting that it's not actually Zuckerberg's birthday either. And West did not stop at Zuckerberg. He also called out for help from Alphabet chief executive Larry Page.

Neither Page nor Zuckerberg have responded to the rapper. West also claimed that giving money to him would be more fruitful that opening up a school in Africa.

It's been a busy weekend for West who released his long-delayed album, "The Life of Pablo" on Saturday night. He first performed some songs on "Saturday Night Live" and announced it would be available to download from his website. But he reversed course and took the album down off of his site, then made it available exclusively on Tidal, the music streaming service owned by Jay-Z who has been credited with discovering West.

Tidal has been criticized for charging $19.99 per month subscription, compared with $9.99 offered by some of its rivals including Spotify and Apple Music. The service later cut its price to $9.99 but still offers a $19.99 tier. It hasn't fared as well as its competitors in terms of users, but a tweet by West helped Tidal surge up the app store rankings.

And in a moment of philosophical reflection, West pondered the future of slang.