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Prince William weighs in on Brexit debate… or does he?

Jessica Hartogs, special to CNBC

Has His Royal Highness weighed in on the Brexit debate?

That's the big question in Britain Wednesday morning, after Prince William made a speech Tuesday at the Foreign Office that many are interpreting as support for Prime Minister David Cameron's campaign for Britain to stay in the EU.

"In an increasingly turbulent world, our ability to unite in common action with other nations is essential. It is the bedrock of our security and prosperity," said the Duke of Cambridge.

Max Mumby | Indigo | Getty Images

The second-in-line to the throne made the comments in a speech honoring a group of young diplomats. Kensington Palace told CNBC, "The speech was not about Europe."

However, Euro-sceptics were quick to criticize the Royal's comments, with the leader of right-wing party UKIP Nigel Farage tweeting, "Clear that Prince William has been used by our Foreign Office and the pro-EU establishment."

Threat of Brexit is now very real

The Royal also said, "For centuries, Britain has been an outward looking nation. Hemmed in by sea, we have always sought to explore what is beyond the horizon... And wherever we go, we have a long and proud tradition of seeking out allies and partners."

Prince William's speech coincides with Cameron's meetings this week in Brussels ahead of the start of an EU summit on Thursday.

He is believed to be meeting with senior European members of parliament, including European parliament president Martin Schulz, to drum up support for an EU referendum as early as June.

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