Lightning Round: Best way to play Twitter

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

UnitedHealth Group: "I typically don't recommend trading on this show, but this one is doing that pattern and I'm going to encourage you if you like to trade to do that."

GW Pharmaceuticals: "I still believe in the idea of having regulated cannabis as a way to be able to alleviate pain and suffering. However, we are a changed country. And this one is in the crosshairs of too much politics for me right now and it's too speculative."

FedEx: "I like FedEx. I think FedEx is inexpensive, it has come a lot. I'd buy half here and then hope literally it does come down."

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Owens-Illinois: "Owens-Illinois is so cheap. You know what, I have no catalyst but it is cheap. It's a glass company. Glass is coming back, it's recycled over and over again. I can't go against that stock, it's just too darned low."

Twitter: "I would just hold on to it this time. I figure they are going to figure it out. But I've got to tell you, and my charitable trust has a real tiny in it. We just kept it because we're just kind of fascinated with it. But they've got to get some mojo. They've got to find some way to monetize that product and they have not been able to do it yet. In a way that is satisfying to growth investors."

Dollar General: "I like both Dollar General and I like Dollar Tree."

Wynn Resorts: "I'm a huge fan of Steve Wynn [CEO] but I've got to tell you that this MGM has come down to my level particularly because ... 98 percent of what they do in convention in Vegas is already booked up. Let's go for that."

United Parcel Service: "Bingo! I like that one and FedEx."

Cypress Semiconductor: "I think it's too cheap, but you're hearing that a lot from me. But it's too cheap! What can I tell you? I'm not going away from it."

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