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Lightning Round: I'm backing this solar play

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Cedar Fair: "I think Cedar Fair is fabulous. I like the yield, they're giving you a 5.7 percent yield. You know we like 6 percent, and i don't mean this as any diminution of how much I like 6, but Cedar Fair may even be cheaper here."

Weyerhaeuser: "At 5 percent yield if both Lowe's and Home Depot said that lumber is strong, there is no way I'm going to turn my back on WY."

Valero Energy: "No, we think that the refining margins are going to be squeezed, we don't want to be there anymore. Even with a 4 percent yield."

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Lending Club: "No, way too risky. I'm worried about the risk of the lending street there."

SolarCity: "No, I'm not going to play SolarCity ... I am a gigantic backer of First Solar, and I reiterate that I like First Solar and I like the management and they are always welcome on Mad Money."

AMN Healthcare Services: "Nothing the matter, Susan Salka [CEO] does a good job and the stock's coming back. I would actually be a buyer right here."

Dominion Resources: "Dominion should have been in the exact same breath, along with AP which my charitable trust owns and Con Ed. They are all good. You can't own them all, pick one but D is good."

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