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Oprah and Whoopi Goldberg Are Not the Same Person #OscarsSoWhite

Kurt Wagner

Beauty and fashion site tweeted out a photo Sunday night from the Oscars with this caption: "We had no idea @Oprah was #tatted, and we love it. #oscars"

Cool, right? Except the photo was not an image of Oprah. It was an image of Whoopi Goldberg, a totally different person who is like Oprah only in that she is also a black woman. It was an embarrassing mistake, and it doesn't appear Twitter users are going to let this faux pas go.

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Total Beauty deleted the tweet, and then apologized.

What truly makes this error tough to stomach, though, is that the Oscars are already under scrutiny for a lack of diversity. The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite has been making the rounds all day and some black actors and actresses, including Jada Pinkett Smith, husband Will Smith, and director Spike Lee, are all boycotting the event.

Here you can see the Internet's reaction to Total Beauty. It appears Total Beauty has stopped tweeting.

By Kurt Wagner, Re/

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