Wages: The shadow hanging over the jobs market

Three big numbers from a big jobs Friday

For American workers, it's a familiar refrain: Jobs are plentiful but they don't pay very much. The unemployment rate is falling, but it's because the workforce is shrinking. The economy is growing, but the benefit distribution has been uneven.

The hallmark has been a relentless dichotomy that has provided cold comfort to the workforce, weighing on the minds of those whose wages have barely kept pace with inflation, manifesting in a wave of anger that has created a political climate perhaps unlike any the nation has ever seen.

So it's no wonder that away from Wall Street, Friday's nonfarm payrolls report didn't generate universal acclaim.

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In short, there was something for everyone — either for praising or for grousing.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing, for one, saw the loss of 16.000 jobs in the sector as further cause of concern.