Lightning Round: I was wrong, I still believe in it

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

XPO Logistics: "XPO does need to see interest rates stay low and it needs to do more deals. I think the stock is trying to bottom here, but to me it is too aggressive given the fact that it is a speculative stock. And I'm not recommending a lot of speculative stocks."

GW Pharmaceuticals: "We've got Celgene, Gilead, Regeneron all the way down. We've got Amgen all the way down. I think those represent better value."

Tidewater: "Tidewater just had a major move. A really major move, and today it was up very big ... I cannot come on top of a 12 percent gain and tell you to buy it. It has to pullback. That move is based on oil going to $37, $38. If oil goes back to $35 you will regret that I said buy it. So I am not going to."

Fitbit: "I still believe in the long-term prospects of Fitbit, down 55 percent. But again ... I admit it, I have been wrong. It's better to say I'm wrong than it is to say I'm early. I've been wrong. I still believe."

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Amicus Therapeutics: "I like it, too ... but it is too speculative for me right now. Again when I see a Celgene down a lot, when see some of these other major ones like Amgen down, that makes me more excited."

Starwood Property: "It yields 10 percent, which to me is a sign of a red flag. That is a little too high for me, I would rather just hold it. Find out what is wrong, because it is too high of a dividend. It just yields too much."

Bristol-Myers Squibb: "Bristol Myers traded up well after the close, it doesn't matter. Even at $66 I remain a solid buyer of Bristol-Myers."

Main Street Capital: "This is a specialty investment company, we don't really know what they are in. That makes me very dubious. I do think that the stock can make a comeback but it's going to have to do it without me."

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