Power Lunch Morning Brief

David Jones | Getty Images

A daily morning look at the financial stories you need to know to start the day


-Stock futures are higher this morning as oil is rebounding. Gold is back down to $1,254/ounce and the 10-year yield is up just slightly to 1.87%.

-Today is the 7th anniversary of the bull market that began in March 2009.

-SEC chief Mary Jo White says there will be no major US market overhaul ordered by the agency, at least not on her watch.

-An Israeli startup is developing a way to use A.I. to make stock investments.


-Crude prices are rebounding a bit. WTI is back above $37/barrel. But that could change after this morning's inventory report.

-Gasoline prices edged up a penny overnight to $1.82/barrel, national average. That's still 63 cents less per gallon than a year ago today.

-Miami's oceanfront nuclear power plant is leaking radiation, according to the University of Miami.


-Bernie Sanders pulled off a stunning win in the Michigan Democratic Party primary over Hillary Clinton. None of the polls had predicted Sanders would even make it close. Donald Trump won Michigan on the Republican side. Ted Cruz won Idaho. Clinton and Trump won Mississippi.

-The NBC/WSJ poll shows that a strong majority of voters strongly dislike Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, setting up what looks like an ugly general election.


-The Obama administration is going to test a plan to cut Medicare spending by reducing reimbursements for many drugs. The White House says this is in hopes of getting doctors to prescribe cheaper generic drugs. But critics say this will lead to people not getting the treatments they need, especially for cancer.


-Iran is test firing ballistic missiles again today after it broke the rules of the recent nuclear deal with the US with similar tests yesterday. Reports say the missiles launched had the words: "Israel must be wiped out" written on them.

-North Korea claims it has reduced the size of its nuclear warheads to make them deliverable on its ballistic missiles.

-A man called the "minister of war" for ISIS was apparently killed by a US airstrike on Friday.

-Lockheed Martin is laying off 1,000 aeronautics workers.


-Mark Zuckerberg and other tech leaders have prepared a brief to the Supreme Court, outlining their support for President Obama's proposed relaxed immigration rules.


-The US Dept. of Justice has subpoenaed VW under a bank fraud law. It seems to mean that the crux of the government's case against VW's admitted emissions cheating will be that the company defrauded customers who financed their VW purchases.

-And German insurance giant Allianz plans to sue Volkswagen over the share price drop since the scandal came to light last year.


-A key lawsuit against California's high speed rail system was thrown out of court.


-There's another Chipotle health scare as a Boston location has been shut down after employees fell ill.


-Google is now a major travel booking site for mobile device users. Google executives will explain how the service works right on the usual search bar during an interview on CNBC today at 10am Eastern.