Power Lunch grills Trumka

On today's edition of Power Lunch, anchors Melissa Lee and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera challenged AFL-CIO Richard Trumka over what seems like the labor leaders' parroting of Donald Trump's recent rhetoric.

In an editorial in today's USA Today, Trumka's message was eerily similar to Trump's recent fixation on Carrier Air Conditioner's decision to move to Mexico. But Trumka did not mention the GOP front runner even once in the editorial and the Power Lunch anchors challenged the labor leader on whether he's trying to ride the wave of Trump's popularity without having to actually support or even credit the controversial candidate.

"Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while," was Trumka's response when pressed on the issue. But he also predicted that union members will not support Trump in large numbers once they get a chance to know his policies a bit better.

Trumka declined to support any specific candidate, but he did say that either Senator Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton "would be great choices for labor."