'Drumpf' hats outsell 'Trump' hats at NJ hatmaker

The hat may be a joke — the sales sure aren't.

A New Jersey baseball cap maker that specializes in presidential election campaign gear says its most popular hat this cycle has been one about Donald Trump, according to an NJ.com report.

But it's not the hat you're thinking.

The "Make Donald Drumpf Again" cap plays off a gag about Trump that HBO funnyman John Oliver made last month on his show "Last Week Tonight," after learning that The Donald's ancestral family name was in fact Drumpf.

Make Donald Drumpf Again HBO hat
Source: HBO

HBO's online store put "Make Donald Drumpf Again" hats on sale "as a joke and sold way more than expected," Mitch Cahn, president of the Unionwear hat maker, told NJ.com for a story detailing its success with the comical cap.

Unionwear previously, for a short time, had actually made the "Make America Great Again" baseball caps that Trump has popularized during his ongoing campaign for the GOP nomination.

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Cahn told NJ.com that Democratic candidates ask that the "union-made label" be affixed to the hats they order, while Republicans want it left off.

Read the full NJ.com story here.

Donald Trump
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