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Cramer: Listen to Donald Trump

Cramer: Listen to Donald Trump
Cramer: Listen to Donald Trump

Jim Cramer is tired of the horse race. He is sick of hearing whether John Kasich can be a comer because he won his home state, or if Ted Cruz can win enough delegates. For once, Cramer would rather go over what Donald Trump is actually saying, and what he would do if elected President.

"Trump has real things to say. They may not be what you think, and they often seem like wishful thinking. But you need to know his views, not just how he is doing coming around the far turn," the "Mad Money" host said. (Tweet This)

In Cramer's perspective the U.S. has been crushed on almost every single trade deal it has done, going all the way back to Nafta. And every time Cramer has asked an official of either party to name a deal that was signed in the last decade that has given the U.S. a trade surplus, no one could come up with an answer.

Trump has real things to say. They may not be what you think, and they often seem like wishful thinking. But you need to know his views, not just how he is doing come around the far turn.
Jim Cramer
Donald Trump
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For years those who have questioned any of the trade deals has been dismissed as foolish. Now that Trump has said that the U.S. government has been horrendous at negotiating these deals, Cramer has no beef with it.

"Say what you will about Trump, I agree with him about these trade deals," Cramer said.

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That is why Cramer decided to dig through what Trump has actually said about various companies and the economy and figure out what he would do if elected.

First, Trump claimed that he is going to force Apple to make its cellphones here in America. Cramer doesn't know how Trump is going to make Apple do this, particularly because the U.S. does not have the workforce to assemble the phones, and most of the component makers reside in Asia.

Trump would have to let Apple repatriate its foreign dollar with almost no tax and demand it be used to build factories and train the workforce. And while it's great that Trump wants to solve the repatriation tax issues, Cramer thinks it would be best to just let Apple do exactly what it has been doing, which is put millions of people to work all over the place.

"I say Apple's hiring policies are low on the list of this country's problems," Cramer said.

Second, Trump talked about Carrier. In February, United Technologies notified union workers at a Carrier heating, ventilation and air conditioning facility near Indianapolis that work will be shifted to Monterrey, Mexico.

"I say welcome to the world of Nafta. You can make heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment so much cheaper in Mexico, it's a wonder anyone makes anything here," Cramer said.

It all comes down to free trade, in a nutshell. If United Technologies CEO Greg Hayes wants to make his numbers and raise profits to grow the company, Cramer thinks it just makes sense for him to move the plant to Mexico.

Trump also expressed an issue with Pfizer's merger with Allergan, which is headquartered in Ireland. It is playing by the rules set forth by the Treasury Department to meet new standards of inversion to avoid U.S. taxes on overseas profits. The deal has been structured per the way the Obama administration established its safe harbor for inversions.

If Trump is actually president, maybe he can have the Treasury Secretary rewrite the IRS rules, but by the time that would happen, it would be impossible to undo the Pfizer-Allergan merger.

"The fact is, with the possible exception of future tax inversions like this Pfizer-Allergan deal, nothing will change with a Trump presidency unless he updates 'The Art of the Deal' to prove he can buffalo everyone in the room, Democrats and Republicans alike. These are legislative decisions, not presidential hand-waves," Cramer said.

In the end, Cramer wants investors to know and understand the Trump's views. It could seem like wishful thinking, but they could also become a real agenda if Trump wins in November.

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