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Stop everything…the Creme Egg Crodough is back

Rinkoff Bakery

Sweet-toothed doughnut fans might just have a new purpose in life this Easter with another tantalizing treat hitting the streets of London.

East London's Rinkoff Bakery has relaunched its Easter version of the Crodough -- the U.K. version of the American Cronut -- topped with fondant cream and that legendary British sickly sweet treat, a Cadbury's Creme Egg. The cake, which has echoes of the craze attached to the Cronut three years ago, is attracting attention from around the world, according to one of the family owners of the bakery.

"We get a bit protective, so that's why we've got the trademark," Jennifer Rinkoff told CNBC via telephone.

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The 160 gram doughnut-style cake is topped with white, toffee and orange fondant and contains a Cadbury's Creme Egg. It retails at £3 ($4.23) and is only available for delivery around London.

Between 6,000 and 7,000 Creme Egg Crodoughs were sold during the Easter period last year and it is far and away the best-selling product that the bakery makes. Many more are expected to sell this year and have already seen solid demand since going on sale last month.

Users of the social media site Twitter have been busy professing their love for the sweet snack.

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Global confectioner Cadbury, now owned by Mondelez International, is unaware of the use of its own products in the Crodough, however.

"We just buy (the Creme Eggs)," Rinkoff said. " We haven't actually contacted them (Cadbury)."